Welcome to Hellhound

We are a full moon kennel of the international drinking club with a running problem known as Hash House Harriers. Hellhound H3 (4H) is located in Lexington, KY USA.

How We Roll:

We gather for the hunt @ every full moon. Full Moon hashes will release the hounds on a live hare. The full moon hare will have a bounty on its head. Head? Who said head?...

There will be at least one event per month (full moon). Additional hashing events are scheduled randomly and will be a variety of pre- laid trails, live hares, or hyper-hares.

21+ only. Leave your crotch goblins at home.

We welcome well trained & obedient dogs on trail.

AT Hellhound H3 we treat every day as HALLOWEEN! We strongly encourage costumes of your choice and/or celebratory celestial attire in honor of the moon such as clothing with moons, stars, glowsticks, body paint, reflective gear, etc. Cosplay FTW!

Events will NEVER be canceled for weather. So dress appropriate.

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